Midnight Marketing

5 Techniques to Develop Your Personal Brand

Your personal brand matters. Your unique flavour, your story and individual characteristics can all enhance or diminish your success in business and life. 

1.    It’s best not to be a generalist. Focus on one area, and become well known for that niche. What are you passionate about? Be known for something extraordinary. Do you have a network of people who know you, have faith in you, and think highly of what you do? Are you perceived as a valuable and outstanding leader in your specialised field? 

2.    How are you making a difference? Create and deliver your two-minute elevator pitch. Speak clearly, learn and practice until you’re confident and love your elevator pitch. You are seeking an emotional, positive and strong reaction. It should highlight your ‘why’, your mission and purpose in life. Show the world that you were destined to do what you do! Why not turn your pitch into a talk and speak at events? 


3.    Social media such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube are essential when it comes to developing your personal brand. Upload a video of your pitch, interviews or thoughts you’d like to share, blogs, audio, reviews, talks, photos, podcasts etc. Your online persona must be brilliant, you can’t just rely on traditional media. Try to delete anything that is online about yourself that does not resonate with the essence of your personal brand. Google your name. Are you on the first page of results? That is the goal. Develop a following. Share relevant information; help people succeed. Share some of your secrets for free, but not EVERY secret. 

4.    Productise your services and intellectual property. What specific problem will your product solve? Use your story, experiences, insights and personality to write and publish a wonderful and tangible product – such as a book, report, or series of articles. They should be about your special field of knowledge or niche. What will the message or key idea of your book be? What questions will your book be answering for readers? Create value with multiple service packages intended for high volume and others intended for high value. Differentiate them – sell basic as well as tailored products. Other examples include downloads, tools, online training programs, memberships, webinars, apps, events, kits, workbooks, quizzes etc. The options are endless.

5.    Cross-promote and collaborate with other professionals. Develop a relationship and rapport with them. Work together to enrich each other. Call people and find out if you can both work together. Be helpful and supportive within your networks. If you discover an opportunity that’s well suited to someone in your network, share it with them. Introduce two people who you think would work well together. You could even start your own networking group and mailing list.

These five techniques will improve and polish your personal brand. As a result, various leads and opportunities will start to appear, seemingly out of nowhere.