Why You Should Write a Book

Dear Reader,

Is ‘writing a book’ on your bucket list? Book writing and publishing can be a fun and valuable journey. Why not give it a go? Writing a book can open doors for you that you may never have thought possible. If you love reading books, why not think about transitioning from a reader into an author?

You have a unique story to tell. You have a book you should write and share with the world. We all do. Perhaps you are wondering why you should write a book.
There are so many, different reasons:

  • Your book’s goal might be simply entertainment.
  • It might be inspirational and motivational: to influence people, or to share your ideas and messages with a wide audience.
  • It could be your own personal business card and marketing tool. You might want to use your book to boost your personal branding and profile.
  • A book is eternal in the sense that it is something tangible that will exist, even when you’re no longer around. It could also be a special keepsake for your children and grandchildren, to celebrate a milestone or important occasion.
  • It might just be your dream to become a published author.
  • Also to attempt to change the world and use your life to make some sort of difference, to raise awareness of a specific issue or charity.

Or, all of the above. If you can change the life of just one person, or many people worldwide, it is worthwhile to write your book and share your story.


Once you’ve brainstormed ideas, and decided what type of book you’re going to write (and why), the next step is to determine if there is a market for such a book. Are there other similar books already on this subject or theme? Do your research. How will your book differ from what’s already available? Is there a unique, personal spin you can put on the topic? Who is the target audience? Compile an outline of each chapter and section of the book.

Once you’ve organised your answers to the above questions, it’s time to develop a writing schedule. You might decide to write every day if you have the time. Or to set aside a particular day a week to write. Alternatively, you could write for 3 hours a week. There’s no right or wrong way to write a book. Whatever your life circumstances are, you can find the time to write.

Carry a notebook or elegant journal with you everywhere, or use an app on your smartphone or tablet to write notes in. Write whenever you get a spare moment – in the car at school pick-up, in the doctor’s waiting room, anywhere and anytime. Another option is to use a voice recorder and transcribe it later on – or try using a voice-to-text dictator app.

Don’t be frightened that what you write will not be of high quality. Remember, at this stage you are just getting something down on paper. The content and structure can be moulded, edited and refined several times. The goal is to complete a first, rough draft.

“You don’t have to be great to start,
But you have to start to be great.”  – Joe Sabah

Enjoy the journey,